Monday, August 10, 2009

Trapped in my Fantasy

Let me preface this entry with the fact that I love the Chem building in our school; there is something stoically rustic in the stone architecture, juxtaposed with newly installed tinted glasses at parts. To me, there is nothing I'd love more than to spend time in that building.

With that said, it turns out on Fridays I would be able to spend nine consecutive school hours there. I would be going from room 250 => 324 => 300 => 150 => 470. I mean, I wouldn't have to be in the building proper for nine straight hours, that would be absurd. No, the Chem building is designed so that for half the rooms you would have to exit the building and enter through another entrance. The rest of the week would be a myriad mix of the above rooms plus room 226.

I almost want to visit the Chem building a few times this summer - take in the wondrous oaken doors and the charming granite staircases - before being imprisoned there and start growing sick of the building, jaded as I could be.

I might develop the blasé attitude as a defence mechanism, or maybe the castle-like building will just lose its novelty with me.


shuup said...

wow you're such a dork. the only buildings i like at ubc are forestry (tim hortons.. and they're not like the little one near angus that only serves coffee and baked goods.. they do lunch too!) and korener (because it's pretty). but i would never visit either just to soak in the sights >_>

Justin Chang said...

Lol, I was in Irving most of last year, and it's got the prettiness factor, and it has a cafe right beside the classroom, so coffee, baked goods, breakfast lunch and dinner were all covered! =p

Loluis said...

at this rate, your favourite building next year is probably The Outdoors~