Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remember, remember, the 11th of November

Remembrance day is beginning to become a lot less ceremonial as of late. Through out high school and elementary school, there are always assemblies and ceremonies in which we can take that time to remember. With the lack of participating in services, I don't think we so much as remember/respect less, but the reason for why we do it is under more scrutiny.

This hits especially hard because of mine being drafted. Maybe I should go serve, pay tribute to those in Flander's field, as well as those who managed to stay out of Flander's field. Of course me serving won't actually result in any benefit to my nation.

Yet even looking around, the number of poppies decrease significantly. No longer is someone not wearing it the odd one out, but rather the people who do wear it.

Perhaps it's because the living veterans lowers as the years go on. But lest we forget, n'oublions pas.

Gotta give us non-mathematicals credit too.

Obviously my priority at the moment is School > BMC > SUS > TV > blogging.

So what happened lately? I got my BMC job, despite awkward Auckland answer. I am currently getting jobs in order of projected rowdiness. I started with the comp sci beer garden which eventually went into a dance circle. Two weeks later I did the chem beer garden, which had quite a few people wasted out of their mind. Next week I get to do the sorority event, which will be interesting how that goes.

I'm going through the typical freshman phase again- y'know, the phase in which people are learning about who you are, making up quirky nicknames, the whole shebang. I somehow managed to escape that last year, which I thought was a testament of how university is a much more mature place than high school. Turns out I was just hanging out with the wrong crowd. Nothing extreme or as awesome as dishrag, but enough to be interesting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"All this self-hating violent crap, how's that working for you?"

Horribly. But I don't really deserve anything else.