Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Justin Chang took a bite out of midterms and now has indigestion.

So I've jut finished my first wave of 2nd year/1st term midterm, and I'm tuckered. Obviously I won't get to rest for a while - now until Friday I am going to english, then weekend til mon will be for bio essay, then Imma rest.

Not much new; TA invigilating the coord chem exam was really really distracting, but it's not as if I knew enough of the material for the distraction to be detrimental. Math exam was the same way. Maybe I should start figuring out how I can be less distracted.

Real blog post in a few. I might post my autobiography up soonish.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Office Hours on a Table

Things don't necessarily make literal sense; there're green rooms that are blue, phone booths that are opened, and skytrains that are underground. However this is something new - office hours outside of an office. I am currently on a table right now, enjoying not studying/making crib sheet for Biology.

I always liked sitting on tall, or short, benches/tables. They change your perspective, in ways that you would not encounter except during your growth spurts. Posters that I thought were ridiculously high now makes sense, and tall people are no longer that intimidating.

Of course, sitting on a table hurts when you don't have proper posture (which I don't), but I think I'm just waiting for an exec to show up to relieve my backache. Or something.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Were the World Mine

Shakespeare has been a huge influence on our lives; the fact that Shakespeare passes spell check shows just how important the man is on our language. However, another impact he has is the creation of the iconic love stories.

No, not the original love story, I know better than to say that Romeo and Juliet was the originator, but he had some of the more memorable elements. Romeo and Juliet's them against the world, Taming of the Shrews them against themselves, and perhaps my favourite, A Midsummer Night's Dream, a tale where anything can happen in a display of enchantedness, even if it was just a dream.


Monday, October 12, 2009

We now have the majority

So, the last entry marks the 50th post on this blog, and making this post the 51st. This, compared to the rate at which my livejournal went during its prime, is slightly pathetic. I'll try to pick this up again, along with taking pictures - hopefully one will cross into the other.

But for now, here are an excerpt from JHCC - Life of a Chemist.

- Many of you know that cancer runs on both sides of my family, although it's always so varied that no one really knows which organ will get affected. I already know which one of mine will - skin. Someone got a whole dose of dichloromethane onto my hand. At first I was like "This feels like having ethanol on my (gloved) hands" then I realized, A- with the EtOH scenario, I'd have gloves on, and B- EtOH is not a carcinogen.

So I know chances are that I won't get skin cancer (not on my hand at least), but if I do, I'll know who to blame.

- I've realized that Fridays are kind of intense. At first I thought it's only the 8/9 straight hours in the chem building that will be hard to get through, but turns out, even the 5/6 straight hours are hard to get by. Luckily 2bucks a beaker was held at Ladha, or else this Friday would've been a long day at the chem building.

Speaking of $2/beaker, it was not the best place ever - not only was my TA there, most of the people there were much older than us. Of course, all this lead to was us hiding out on the mezzine of Ladha having our own private party, but still. The night got better when Ladha closed - 3 friends under the clock tower. Contemplating contemplating suicide, running on walls, alternating trips into Irving - good times.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Things I accomplish today because Boris's family pulled a quick one on me

1. Sorted the (physical) Science One Survivors membership forms in alphabetical order by surname.

2. Put all my laundry in the laundry basket.

3. Washed my beddings.

4. Sorted notes by subject

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Interview on Facebook

Do you have incriminating picture of yourself on Facebook that could go against your favour as a job candidate?

So if I get hired to be part of the BMC, I should've gotten a call sometimes yesterday or sometimes today.

I'm pretty sure I made my pics to friends only now, but of course, not being able to see my blog from the other side, who knows?

But lets explore what an employer would think looking at the first few pages of my pictures.

First off profile picture; beans. Nothing bad, but what if I'm afraid to show my face? Other than that my profile album is pretty tame.

Somewhere in page 3 there are photos with a tie around my head, as well as me holding a beer bottle, although my hands cover the labels completely, there's no real way to tell.

Page 6; apparently I'm brown (untags self)

page 7; might appear to be molesting Louis, and spanning page 7 and 8, I'm a Korean.

page 11; a group kidnapping event.

page 16; lol bryson

page 19; me sleeping with my vice principal's sons

page 22; me not realizing I had a flower on my ear until in the middle of the museum.

mid 20~early 30 pages; me hearting stroking. Or something.