Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gotta give us non-mathematicals credit too.

Obviously my priority at the moment is School > BMC > SUS > TV > blogging.

So what happened lately? I got my BMC job, despite awkward Auckland answer. I am currently getting jobs in order of projected rowdiness. I started with the comp sci beer garden which eventually went into a dance circle. Two weeks later I did the chem beer garden, which had quite a few people wasted out of their mind. Next week I get to do the sorority event, which will be interesting how that goes.

I'm going through the typical freshman phase again- y'know, the phase in which people are learning about who you are, making up quirky nicknames, the whole shebang. I somehow managed to escape that last year, which I thought was a testament of how university is a much more mature place than high school. Turns out I was just hanging out with the wrong crowd. Nothing extreme or as awesome as dishrag, but enough to be interesting.

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