Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Special People I Surround Myself With

So you guys are going to hate me for my title in a minute, but like I care.

I try to surround myself with amazing people, partly because they always know how to bring up my spirits, and partly because it'd be motivation to aspire to something greater.

Case #1. He's an honest to goodness nice guy. Good set of morals on him, and cherishes the friendships he does foster (think Yang mating for life-esque). Got a decent head on him too. Wanting to go into Physiology and got a solid set of grades to back that up.

Case #2. She really does steal my dreams and make them real. She's a quasi-stagehand, and has been for years. She's uber talented at music (great on the bass clarinet even though that's like her 23rd instrument) and would have been studying music if it wasn't for the source of money. She *could* go into microbi and kick ass at it... as a last resort.

Why mention these two? He's got a learning disorder and she, on top of being a little OCD, can't even tell the difference between left and right (imagine getting driven home for the first time and having to give directions).

I'm slightly sick of all of these preferential hiring and "equal" opportunities. People who have disabilities or setbacks should not have an easier time getting what they want than their equals without the d&s. Not when there are people like case #1 and 2, who are above average, despite their downfalls, who are perfectly capable of getting a job in their own right.

Conversely, (because I am racist I can say this) I have no problems with companies that prefer to hire white males. This doesn't make *them* racist/sexist, they are simply hiring the best men for the job. White males are often received better than their coloured/fairer counterpart in business transactions. So in a way, being white & male are attributes that are just enough to make someone's resume slightly more appealing.

That's about all I have to say about that topic. What else can I include? Vote tomorrow (although by the time you've read this it might already be too late). It doesn't really matter who you like, just get your voice out there, whether it be STV (what I'm voting for) or FPTP, or Liberal NDP Conservative Communism or Green (who I'm voting for), take part so you have a right to bitch.

Also, slightly more important (OMG, something more important than the stupid system put in place by the Poli scientists and sociologists of the world?): Go out there and do some reading. Find a great blog that makes you feel in ways that you didn't know words can make you. Yours truly tries to blog stuff that might be interesting, but he is by no means good. Go out and look, for your Ethans that can be on a beach with Camerons, sharing a music player just as Snow Patrol echoes his sentiment of "Would you lie with me, and just forget the world?"

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