Friday, May 22, 2009

First Dates

My sociologists prof had us in a discussion about what makes up a first date. Somewhere between the tried and true "dinner and a movie" and the innovative "shoulder counting", I started thinking back to my last first date.

We've decided to meet at Burrard station earlier that day. Since I was a bit late (seems like a trend lately), we've started playing marco polo in Royal centre with texts. After about 5 minutes, we saw each other and proceeded. First we went to Pacific centre, checked out hoodies and tablets, while visiting friends. Without much plan, we've walked around downtown before deciding to go down to English bay. 

It was a cloudy day with the occasional sprinkles; great weather for the both of us really. I could never get people who would wish for sun every day; FFS just move to California then if you're just going to complain about the weather. We had a great walk down the length of second beach, before stopping at a playground to sit on the swings. We talked about everything that popped into our head: the weird tree on top of the apartment building, the swine flu, having an apartment downtown so it'd be possible to bike around everyday. I felt great, since I haven't been able to have so much fun since most of sci one scattered a couple of weeks back.

When we were pretty tired from walking, we decided to head up Davies in search of food. I was pretty surprised when we ended up in front of Stepho's, as that's kinda where I wanted to go (Stepho's being where my lab supervisors took me for my last meal with the Granvillites). The atmosphere is great, although a bit quieter than the last time I went, which made it seem slightly less authentically Greek. The food was great; generous portions and yummy. Conversation led to our five year plans: software engineering and micro-bi-ochem (one combination or the other). I obviously made fun of the CompSci degree, which earned me quite a few punches throughout the afternoon. Of course, the guy picked up the cheque. 

After dinner, I showed off St Paul's (probably the most eye opening month for me) before trying to catch my last 491 home. In my hurry, I got completely drenched by a bus passing over a puddle, which of course earned me quite a bit of laughs and ridicules. 

That afternoon had everything that should happen on a first date: mindless wandering, open conversation, great food, and a bit of humility. 

There was nothing that seemed scripted like the Westminster dog show or Ryan Seacrest. 

There was nothing that was uncharacteristically extreme like back hair laser removal or tattoos.

There was nothing that seemed threatening like a crazy hobo or an ex-child molestation attorney.

It was perfect.

Except that I didn't realise that it was a date.


Maybe it wasn't. Maybe I'm just being incredibly presumptuous. 

I saw and had dinner with a mutual friend at UBC the next day. She and I chatted about courses, then out of the blues, an awkward question. I panicked, although, was quite confused. Revelations and lies were exchanged, and I started thinking about what the night before meant. I made an excuse to leave due to class (which was true, but not really the reason I wanted to get out of there). 

Moral of the story? 

I hate how girls gossip and are generally confusing.

And that I feel like I lost someone after that night.

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shuup said...

hey! what's wrong with gossiping?! we just like to know what's happening around us! ;) and that includes all the latest gossip with friends!

Btw.. i almost sent you a "yelling" e-mail after i read that a guy paid for your meal.. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! I DIDN'T KNOW!" and then i finished reading the rest of your post :)