Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love is like a lemonade

Not so much the kind that's squeezed from the heart, but the bad kind.

The kind that isn't so much tart, but downright sour, but heavily sugar coated to try to hide the undeniable fact.

You try to convince yourself of the value of the vitamin c contained within, trying desperately to ignore that it only contains 5% real juice. As it wears away at the enamel, upsets your stomach, and wreck havoc on your intestines, you start seeing the real picture.

Why do we put ourselves through this? We try to obtain what little pleasure we could from it, always wanting more, never getting it. Why do we bother?


shuup said...

o.0 what's with the depressing post?!

btw.. we need to hang out.. i'm moving outta the province soon T_T

Billy said...

I rather like lemons, I can eat them straight and i love it.