Saturday, July 25, 2009

1:30, Two Counts

There is something very powerful about that quote. To be immersed so deeply into a piece of art, choreography, or music: passion at its best.

People obviously perform better when there is passion attached. The incompetent begins passing as a competent; the competent begins passing as a master. The strokes, the steps, the notes all become secondary to the emotion, the feeling, the integrity.

We all need a little bit of integrity in our actions. Our talk shouldn't be just talk, nor should it be some attempt to glorify, or falsify ourselves. Our action should be limited to the act, with the intent of accomplishing the act, for the sake of the act, and not to put up an act.

The remedy? Passion. Passion for what you believe in, passion for what you fight against.

So get out there, love some, hate some, justify killing some. Condemn the condemner, and deny the victim.

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Loluis said...

very well said
if i dont' agree with you 200% kill me now!!