Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My 19.5 Birthday

This is not a blog post.

So, I've decided that for my next birthday celebration, I will celebrate my half birthday and not my birthday. Reasons why this'll be is because:
  • It'll be during midterm season and not second final season!
  • I can drink, gamble and eat meat this time!
  • It'll be on a Saturday!
  • There things that you just can't do in April. (like extreme puddle jumping!)
  • It's another excuse to party =D
  • and give me gifts =D
What kind of gifts? I'm going to divide into individual and group gifts:
  • Bandanas!
  • Ties! (Either wacky or solid coloured (a white one if you got it))
  • Dark blue dress shirt (or a dull red)
  • Black socks!
  • Long shorts!
  • "Vintage tees" - will explain in a far off in the future post
  • Things I can plant for next summer (Chrysanthemum!)
  • Things I can grow in my room
  • One of those cheap cars!
  • An iPod classic!
  • Or a new mac book and the free accompanying iPod classic!
  • A realistic way to apply ORB/OGB
I repeat, this is not a blogpost. I will update this later on as I think of new things to want.

1 comment:

shuup said...

you can get ties, bandanas and socks from daiso! only $2!!

and HEY! i will be in town then! (cousin's wedding) but.. probably can't celebrate with you.. (cousin's wedding) >_> SRY!