Friday, August 13, 2010

10 Ejaculates and a Good Centrifuge.

"Go around and pee on home plate!"

There is a mediocre HBO show called Hung, in which the premise of a recent episode was the main character's son peeing on home plate, or as they called it, "defiling the baseball diamond". At first I was confused about the motivation and the big deal. Until the opening comment was uttered to me last night. I guess I wasn't drunk enough to fully appreciate it, but being on a field, the sprinklers going on, a small crowd cheering you on behind you - there's a little bit of je ne sais quoi quality about it which makes it a little bit ridiculous.

Of course, although not drunk, there needed to be quite a bit of alcohol consumption for the event to occur. And with that, my supervisor, my coworker and I had a long discussion about anything that came to mind. Lots of praises flew around, although one particular praise went on about 30 odd times in the night, with at least once where it was mentioned 3 times in a row. Quite a few insults flew too, but this time it doesn't seem like toxic environment causing - everything was honest, with supports, and not meant to be malicious towards the objects.

The talk repeated a lot of things over and over, I mean, we were quite drunk at that point. However, it seems to tell me that I could go to grad school if I want to. Of course, this doesn't actually tell me that much - before there were the three thoughts: a- want to do BEd, b- do i want to do MSc? and c- can I do MSc? Although c is somewhat eliminated, it was never really that far away from b.

I'm going to really miss my supervisor when I leave. Last night was filled with fun, even without the alcohol.

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