Sunday, August 21, 2011

Confession on a toll booth 1

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It's been a year, a week, and a day since I last posted. Waiting another month is a tempting idea, although I'm sure that I will never really get around to it.

Since I have nothing to talk about, I will go through the entire blog and interlace my last year into it.

This blog was started because of, which is left as a shell. That could be the same with this one, except I usually abandon, and not delete my past.

I haven't actually written any extended application since Science One, at least, not one that requires writing words.

I've actually changed my bus route, and unfortunately this means trading the eclectic types for the VC boys, the Crofton girls, and the rest of the UBC-bound.

I also haven't got a chance to make another speech, but I have quite a few introductory line: "Welcome to the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre, the only free-standing student-ran building on campus [only for the next year or two though, not that I would care at that point]. I've had the opportunity to be involved with this building over the past year and a bit, and some of my best memories on campus has been associated with this building. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be hosting this event, and I hope you guys will have the chance to be back in this building after today." I did get a chance to carry a big stick though. T'was fun. More on that later.

And as for the mandatory quote of the post, there'll be a anecdote from my analytical chemistry course. Robin was discussing how in our field (his field), there is almost no need for quotes. The only time something would warrant quoting, would be if it is so eloquently and precisely put that there is no way to make it better or appropriate. An example, is if there is a Lt. that is being completely out-maneuvered, and after many days of surviving, he is surrounded by the enemy, and he uttered his last word, "Nuts".

I went to a rendition of Anything Goes put on by Theatre Under the Stars. It was a great production, and unlike the last time, trumpet did good. And the violinist did his tacets fantastically.

Social contract.... I'm waiting for the last season of House. That's all.

I'm now legal in another country. Yay.

It could be worse? A friend of a friend decided to put how he was having a bad day because he was in his room studying in the same category as a person whose mom's real sick and in the hospital, a person whose dog is puking continuously, a person whose mom just found out they had stage 2b cancer, and a person who was kicked out of their house. This really put into perspective for me that we should step back from our pity, before it consumes you to the point you become something that people look upon in shock.

Part 2, maybe to come.

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