Sunday, March 15, 2009

Science One Application

This was posted in Dec. 2nd.


This is the essay for my Science One application. So naturally my grades were good enough for them to not read this in too much detail.

Jab, twist, and pull. Blood trickles out of me, drop by drop. When the paper in front of me was covered with blood, I knew I have finished my lab.

I have been drawn to science since I was a child; every little discovery delighted me. It could be anything from watching water as it freezes, or finding out that my blood type is AB- [Which turns out to be a lie, as the blood clinic told me I was AB+]. There is an indescribable feeling of joy as one observes something new, and that is a big portion of science. With every passing day, new advances are made, and the body of knowledge transforms. I have let a lot of interests fade in the past – becoming a lawyer, getting a tattoo, owning a pet - but I have always been captivated by science.

Throughout high school I have enjoyed Science, especially the lab portion. When my teacher recommended me to apply to the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s High School Summer Research Program, I did not hesitate. Although I was surprised that I got accepted, I was stunned by the amount of stuff that we got to do. A portion of it was examining preserved heart samples, witnessing an open heart surgery, and riding in an ambulance. The balance of the program was spent in the iCapture centre in St. Paul’s hospital. It served as a lab where I get to partake in hands on learning. It was while doing microbiological research there that I have realized that research is the field that I would like to go into.

University has always been set as my course of action. Even before I entered high school, my parents were already preparing me for my entrance. It was not until this year that I have carefully thought about what being a university student really entails. My schooling so far has been with the people that live around me; people with the same background, and same experiences. Upon starting my university studies, I would like to work along side people with unique stories and talents of their own. This would help as I am sure to encounter problems that I never had to face before. No matter what challenges university throws at me, I will make the most out of the new experience.

I am excited about starting courses in university. It is often emphasized that once one gets into university, one takes one’s studies into one’s own hands. Instead of selecting from a small list of cookie-cutter courses, one is allowed to pick from a myriad selection of courses, programs, and degrees. As I considered the choices, Science One stood out. Having a devoted group of students with similar interests studying together seems ideal to me. I am sure that close friendship would form with the majority of the students as they complete their first year of post-secondary studies together. In this multifaceted Science program, I will be motivated to continue to strive for excellence, in a group that is known for its brilliance.

The scientific method provides a rigid structure in which all experiments abide by. Beyond that, there are infinitely many things for one to pursue. This definition leads me to believe that Science One is comparable to the scientific method. Although all the courses are selected, there are no constraints on what each individual student can learn and gain from it. I wish that I could also be a part of the endless possibilities.

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