Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wheel on the Bus

As much as I complain about the commute, I actually quite enjoy taking buses. There are people that you would have never encounter with in your daily lives, and then there are those that you do encounter, but never really get to know.

Case study one: A couple, dressed in full black, spiky hair, pierced lips, tats and makeup. They turn out to be the nicest and most polite people that I've seen in a while.

Two: A loud-talking engineer, with a customized leather jacket, and exuberates confidence. He is the most introspective person I know.

Three: A pretty-boy construction worker, perfect face except a deep cut below one eye. His wound is just a peek at a whole life as a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Four: A devout Christian, conservative, caring. He would do just about anything to get what he wants out of life.

Five: A med schooler to-be, poised, passionate, think Christina Yang (actually has the same hair too). She'd have as rockstar a moment with a pair of drumsticks as she would with a scalpel. 

Six: A concert violinist, has the potential to study worldwide. He knows more about quantum mechanics than most of your BS, and can beat out any Biochemist for med school application. 

Seven: A volleyball player, strong, fearless, gazelle-like. She's actually exactly what you'd expect from her. 

It's amazing what happens when you open up to people.


Loluis said...

lol this is sorta like the stereotype of steretypes if u get what i mean, but yeah man i totally get what u mean (ie. chinese guy with a half mohawk in Science One, who would've known?)

Justin Chang said...

Ya, I agree on most counts except for the Christian and the construction worker. I've actually never seen such a pretty-boy construction worker - I'm talking like, Neutragena ad pretty. And the Christian, he's actually quite extraordinary if I'm allowed to actually go into details.