Monday, September 21, 2009

Justin's Tweets for the day.

There are days where I'll say to myself, if I had a twitter, I'd update much more frequently, but since I will not succumb to another time-sucker, here's my tweets for the day so far.

06:20am - Why would anyone make pb+j using the same spoon?
06:50am - You can tell that half of the bus turned and thought at the same time "It's Peyton Way-White"
07:15am - I swear I'm not usually this clumsy (in response to hitting the same guy twice in 5 minutes)
08:40am - What happened to ferrous and ferric?
08:45am - There they are.
09:20am - I really should fill out my deposit forms.
09:55am - I controverse you. Or something.
10:25am - Telomeres. huh.
10:51am - My attention span is out, gonna jump the block on the wall.
10:54am - I swear I'm only snapping at you because my cold is making it impossible for me to vocally get your attention.
10:56am - Wasting time to talk is not wasting time at all
11:00am - Caught him!
11:10am - Success! until I looked at syllabus.
11:30am - Had a nice talk with Red Cross guy Joel.
12:00pm - Switched hands
12:08pm - Evasive maneuver to escape the consequences of noise
12:11pm - Epic fail (not on my part).

Sometimes after 8:45am I decided that twitter is not all it cracked out to be, without even having gone on it =)

1 comment:

shuup said...

ahahah the title actually worried me for a sec. i was all like "OMG NOOOO JUSTIN GOT TWITTER?!" :) great that you didn't! i refuse to get it too :D

you gonna volunteer with the red cross?

TELOMERES CAN EXTEND YOUR LIFE (or so the rumour goes..)

peyton way-white?! you should've taken a pic!