Sunday, September 27, 2009

This post contains seaman jokes.

I had a traipse (I almost spelled tryptase) through the longboat participant list, and wanted to share some of the names with everyone

"Noah's longboat", "Harden Seamen", "I'm on a boat", "Yellow submarine", "Shlongboat", "Long Hard Stroke", "Suckulent Seamen", "The Wet Dream team", "Stroke, stroke my boat", "Long and still hard", "Been there, stroke that", "Strokin' It hard", and all the other combinations you can come up with.

It seems hilarious that REC, who are "really strict" with making sure teams in league sports like volleyball and ultimate have "tasteful" names, lets longboat, a thing with so many built-in jokes, have these team names. I mean, I can't even remember all the things we said "The harder we stroke, the faster we come","The yellow paddles are longer than the white paddles", and so on and so forth.

Despite that (or maybe because of that, who knows), yesterday was a fun day. The big gale force wind causing the waves, the freezing cold conditions, the actual common cold, having 3 females on an all men's team, all of that just made for fun day out.

And now I'm majorly behind for math studying and english writing, and apparently Vista is giving all its students a big middle finger.

Oh, and I think Liz confused Peyton Way-White with Peyton Mannings or something.

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Loluis said...

lmao i can't imagine what everyone was thinking when they signed up for longboat lol