Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wake me up When September Ends

I promised my Californian friend that when he comes back this year, we will have typical September weather unlike that crazy sunny bullshit that happened last year. The ongoing rain at the moment backs my statement.

Although, the high temperature and partly sunniness of next weekend is looked positively upon, as I do not want to raincheck a bbq.

And what seems like a recent phenomenon, lots of people washing their cars when it's raining. I don't get this.

Quote from a "find your way to god book (It's actually called 'Soul Cravings')"

"We are a culture of great lovers.
We love great movies.
We love ice cream.
We love our pets.
We love rainy days in Los Angeles.
We love sunny days in Seattle."

I love that I go against the grain, hoping not for the sun, but for the rain.
Perhaps I'm on the DS train, excited about the Seattle ferryboats.

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