Monday, October 12, 2009

We now have the majority

So, the last entry marks the 50th post on this blog, and making this post the 51st. This, compared to the rate at which my livejournal went during its prime, is slightly pathetic. I'll try to pick this up again, along with taking pictures - hopefully one will cross into the other.

But for now, here are an excerpt from JHCC - Life of a Chemist.

- Many of you know that cancer runs on both sides of my family, although it's always so varied that no one really knows which organ will get affected. I already know which one of mine will - skin. Someone got a whole dose of dichloromethane onto my hand. At first I was like "This feels like having ethanol on my (gloved) hands" then I realized, A- with the EtOH scenario, I'd have gloves on, and B- EtOH is not a carcinogen.

So I know chances are that I won't get skin cancer (not on my hand at least), but if I do, I'll know who to blame.

- I've realized that Fridays are kind of intense. At first I thought it's only the 8/9 straight hours in the chem building that will be hard to get through, but turns out, even the 5/6 straight hours are hard to get by. Luckily 2bucks a beaker was held at Ladha, or else this Friday would've been a long day at the chem building.

Speaking of $2/beaker, it was not the best place ever - not only was my TA there, most of the people there were much older than us. Of course, all this lead to was us hiding out on the mezzine of Ladha having our own private party, but still. The night got better when Ladha closed - 3 friends under the clock tower. Contemplating contemplating suicide, running on walls, alternating trips into Irving - good times.

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