Saturday, October 3, 2009

Interview on Facebook

Do you have incriminating picture of yourself on Facebook that could go against your favour as a job candidate?

So if I get hired to be part of the BMC, I should've gotten a call sometimes yesterday or sometimes today.

I'm pretty sure I made my pics to friends only now, but of course, not being able to see my blog from the other side, who knows?

But lets explore what an employer would think looking at the first few pages of my pictures.

First off profile picture; beans. Nothing bad, but what if I'm afraid to show my face? Other than that my profile album is pretty tame.

Somewhere in page 3 there are photos with a tie around my head, as well as me holding a beer bottle, although my hands cover the labels completely, there's no real way to tell.

Page 6; apparently I'm brown (untags self)

page 7; might appear to be molesting Louis, and spanning page 7 and 8, I'm a Korean.

page 11; a group kidnapping event.

page 16; lol bryson

page 19; me sleeping with my vice principal's sons

page 22; me not realizing I had a flower on my ear until in the middle of the museum.

mid 20~early 30 pages; me hearting stroking. Or something.

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Loluis said...

phew i had to double check if u were referring to me, altho i prob wouldn't.. mind.. being......