Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fruit loops, what's the deal?

So after seeing a jumbo box a few days ago, I had hankering for fruit loops. They're a weird thing - it's sold as a cereal, but I think it's the only cereal that I prefer to have with a cup of milk, as opposed to in a bowl a milk. Is it cereal (in the commercial sense) if I eat it dry then drink milk?

Of course, I am no endorsing Fruit Loops in any way. Tide-to-go, I'm not so sure. I've bought a tide to go and left it in my backpack because of Paul, my lab supervisor, wholeheartedly supports the owning (ownage) of a tide to go. I haven't personally used it, but my friend spilled coffee on herself, and when offered, she spread about half the tube's content on herself in a crowd of people. Suddenly a flurry of questions came "OMG, is that a tide to go?" "OMG, does it actually work?" "Omg, I totally meant to get one of those because I'm the biggest klutz I know, but I didn't know it worked so well"

Yeah. Lets try for a real post before new years eh?

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