Wednesday, December 2, 2009


That basically describes how I view life in the past while. Things just been piling on, and every time I shovel through something, I only expose my vision to another couple of mounds. In a sense it's kinda like the mound of leaves at UBC between the SUB and Hebb. The pile's been there since October, and you continuously see a container there being filled up with leaves, but the mound never disappears. I'm assuming that by December 22nd, the courtyard by the knoll will finally be cleared.

I'm talking about getting drunk too much. A- I don't even do that that often, B- if I really wanted to do that, I should've just gotten her done.

But yes, getting frustrated lately (although surprisingly happy when someone picked it up). Although when asked why, I gave to reasons, and the reply was how come I'm putting those two things in the same league. Response? I've been lonely my whole life, but it's only very recently that I've been slapped in the face with being incompetent.

Lets see who's more incompetent come September.

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-Ravdawg said...

Justin + Incompetent = No real solution