Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deceit by Ignorance

Search up deceptive on google images and this is the first result that pops up. Towels that create the illusion that someone's naked legs were wrapped around you- not necessarily indicative of sex, but almost definitely sexual in nature. Alas, it is but a mere trick to deceive the eyes.

Wearers of a garmet like this most likely thought it was funny, but definitely meant for the deceit. I have nothing against them- it's the people that deceive people unintentionally that get my towels in a knot.

I'm a fan of reading into other people's words, so the saying of one sentence gives a paragraph of insight into the speaker. I'm not necessarily great at it, and naturally I make mistakes at times, but I accept that. However, sometimes, especially with someone new, I would start basing my relationship with them by some fundamental facts, only to have these "facts" be undermined a while later.

Usually mistakes on my part would be a result of me not hearing correctly or making silly judgment calls. However, recently I've made 2 bad assumptions (or in the very least, these bad assumptions were revealed to me) in which I heard them correctly, and looking back, in one case my assumption still seems valid, and in the other, I don't think I even needed to assume. But yeah, these two bad judgment calls are going to cost me quite a bit =/.

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