Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Sure of Himself

Depending on who you ask, I am either a cocky bastard or someone who's scared shitless. I tend to believe that I'm an insecure version of the latter, so I pretended to be the former. For these last days of the Olympics before school starts, I figure it'd be a good time to start reflecting upon things I done, those that I haven't, and everything in between. (Everything before this basically means that Boris is too needy (probably because he's a true musician) ).

The first of the series will be things that I've never doubted. Of course, none of these lists will be exhaustive, but hopefully they will be a good mix in all of these.

In kindergarten, an eighth of my middle finger got cut off in a door. Lots of hoopla happened, at the school and at the emergency room. Fast forward a week later, during my first of many checkups, the doctor told me that it's unlikely that I will ever get full usage out of my middle finger. Everyone started worrying for me, but to the doctor I said
And as the picture proves, I was right.

In grade 7, when we were all "graduating" from elementary, there was this thing called the citizenship awards. It was only a few years young, and there were no real criteria for it. I remember about 4 days before, and I already *know* I won it. At this point, I had no idea that my friends (and others) all voted for me. Why? I was merely acquaintances with them at that point.
" "

The thing with these awards is that the more you get, the more you expect them. Had you told me that I wasn't likely to get my Spanish awards, I'd laugh in your face. It's funny when people got confused when they didn't win it. In my last 3 Spanish courses, I probably averaged a grade of 97. During my grade 12 year, I had a total of 14 marks off in the year, out of close to a thousand, and that didn't even include my bonus marks.

With that kinda grade back then, it seemed self evident why I didn't bother applying to "backup" schools. UBC was the lowest ranked school to which I applied. None of that "maybe you should apply for a college like Langara or Kwantlen" or "SFU" bullshit. And at the end, I didn't even completely apply to all the other schools.

Of course, more blatantly, was the stunt I pulled for my speech for treasurer candidacy.
" "
No, that seriously was it, I turned sideways.

A lot of these seem extremely silly now. Especially the last one, where I could've at least made a speech. UBC could've kicked my ass and not accept me, and I'd be left universityless (well, not really).

Lets see where this post would lead to next.

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shuup said...

ahahha i totally know what you mean, 'cept i wasn't quite as smart back in highschool but i did freak out if my grades were under A for certain courses.

and ditto with the ubc thing >_> i applied only to ubc and even though i didn't apply to langara.. i still got letters saying i got in and that i can go register for courses whenever -.- uhhh.