Monday, February 8, 2010

10 things you don't understand about Justin

So I've caught a few of those x things you didn't know about y, and I realized I must have done quite a few of those lists throughout the years. One of those things is definitely me talking about things that only I understand. Instead of explaining them, I thought I'll just throw a bunch more out there!

1. I hope the choking didn't leave much of a mark, physical or otherwise. Sure it might be an impressive thing to be able to tell your many many future kids, but hopefully nothing bad happens to you again <3

2. I'd love to go watch skating with you, if that's what we're doing.

3. You're the person I'd be if I didn't love myself as much.

4. I wish I can love myself as much as you do you, and in fact, you do me even.

5. I'm not doing a good deed, I'm just waiting for the curse to pass.

6. I'm annoyed that you guys pass on me, I'm pissed of the guys you did pick.

7. I need manilla. Vanilla. maybe a lil' bit of quesadilla.

8. Black (blue) is the colour (of my true love's hair (eyes)).

9. I feel like we're drifting, which makes me sad, but looking back, it's incredible we got together at all.

10. Imma put a big smile for a while. Nobody gots to know.

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