Friday, April 24, 2009


I helped someone edit their resume recently. I did not particularly like this person, but I did rip it to shreds like I would for a true friend. I rediscovered my hate for planning 10. It is an incredibly tedious task to speak the lingo. Much like the field of academic writing, you might be confronted with loads of jargons (among the discussion of the current state of knowledge, and the multiple noun phrases). The transferable skills are among the most prominent ones. "Communication skills", "People person", or "Interpersonal abilities" are a dime a dozen. Those are just contrived terms that are closed to being cliché. But really, they are just blanket terms cover something that is a lot more useful: Charisma. 

(as an aside, this post is about charisma to me. People described below may or may not seem charismatic to you, but to me, they mean the world).

My cousin LinKai always seemed slightly too happy to the rest of the world. He really does enjoy life as much as he can. He would go out of his way to show me how to play with his video games (I believe it was in his house that I developed my button mashing habits) whenever we'd visit. He really made those long trips to his house a trip worth taking. He does his best to teach me to smile. And that point I really don't have much to do. I'd go to school, or go to my parents' work. Going to a friend's house? basically didn't happen. I don't think I've been to more than 1 person's house before I came to Canada.

As I went back to visit, he'd always try to take me around on his motorcycle as much as he can (when he's off work basically). He works in a bakery, not because he can't find something better, but because he honestly loves his work. He's the type of guy where he's genuinely nice enough that you'd be able to see that he's not doing it for the tips. Of course, tons of girls flock to the bakery to flirt with him, but he's really just an extremely chill guy. 

Of course, if he was white, he'd be something like Cory. He is probably the person most confident enough to be able to just walk up to a stranger and start a conversation. He treats mcdonald cashiers with as much courtesy as a high end waiter would for their customers. He has the most contagious laugh; you can't help but smile when he's around. He was my youth worker for a while, and I try to get him to drive me home as often as possible. Not cause I'm lazy or anything and walking home isn't a hassle, but because it gives about 5 minutes worth of great heart to heart conversations. He's always take pride in himself, because everyday he strives to be a better man. He exudes confidence and likebility, a truly born "people person".

I've met the guitar man a while ago; I'm pretty sure this was before the math assignment regarding convergence was due, although I could be wrong. All I remember was I was craving some pho. I first saw him when he was talking to a couple who thinks he's crazy, so he left them be. Few seconds later, I was having some troubles crossing the street (don't ask) and he came over and said "there's safety in numbers" and we moved on. He started making up songs off the top of his head and sang them; I was as giddy as a 5 year old again. Some people might not give him the time of their day, but I honestly believed he was a great entertainer. We talked, and I learnt that apparently some douchebags coming out of a bar broke his guitar so now he's only singing to earn money until he can save up for another guitar. There is a lightness in his songs and spirit. Fast forward to Friday, on my way to my mom's office I saw him again (I was also going towards pho). He looks good; got a down payment for another guitar, and his face looks even more brilliant than before. He played me a song, and concluded with "keep on smiling, cause that's the only thing you can control".  If you guys are ever around Richmond and you see this guy, be sure to give him some of your change.

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