Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fight 53:59

I was going to post a post about what people post on blogs, but my blog ate said post. I perhaps will rewrite it, but now, I'm going to write something about fighting.

Do it. Please. For the love of god and all things lovable, fight.

If you're 5 years old and losing lots of blood from a door closing/bomb incident, fight to stay conscious.

If you're rejected from a job, fight the system.

If you're a teen that just learnt that your grandma died 2 weeks ago, fight the tears.

If you have cancer, fight.

Fight club has one rule, and life is similar. Fight; being put on this Earth, that's about all you could do. Keep on fighting til your lungs drew their last breath, your heart, its last beat. Find what it is that is worth living for, worth dying for, worth killing for, worth going to hell for.