Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It could be worse

"It could be worse", such an awesome statement in that it's optimistic and pessimistic at the exact same time!

Drawing the right MO but then going with your (wrong) intuition? At least you didn't think carbons have 6 electrons.

Snakes on a plane? Snakes on EVERY plane.

Failing your sci one physics final? Could be failing out of CSP.

Don't have the job you want? Could have the job you hate.

Can't dance backwards? Try doing it in heels.

Hooker ran off with your wallet? could've ran off with your heart.

Need to monitor your heart on an ECG? it could have a sampling rate of 3 Hz.

Think you play DotA too much? At least you're not Shoujun.

Someone take off your weapon? Both of them? They could do it a second time.

Skinning your knee when you tripped while running? could epic fail at puddle jumping.

References to RENT, XKCD, weird al, and sin city.


shuup said...

you read too?! T_T i've wasted so many hrs on that site.. and the sad thing is.. 1/2 the time i don't get it! :(

>_> but the ones i do = very funny!

-.- just realized your blog doesn't have rss feeds.. FIX THAT!

Shouji Chen said...

lOl wth justin?

I don't play dota all that much...